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Trusted by 25+ B2B companies

Automate Your Client Acquisition and
Generate 10-20 Sales Opportunities
Predictably Every Single Month 

We help agencies and online service providers stand out from the
crowd and book qualified sales calls with their dream prospects  

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Trusted by 7 & 8 Figure B2B Businesses

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Some of Our Recent Client
Success Stories

"When we started working together, we saw an immediate spike in meetings. I think we got around 15 meetings in the first month or so alone.

What they do is very different from what everybody else in the market does."

Michael Rosetti
The Social Adz

Most Agencies & Service Providers Are
Struggling to Generate Consistently Qualified
Sales Meetings with Their Ideal Prospects

Your market is likely highly competitive. 

Decision makers are bombarded with hundreds
of marketing offers every single day.

To break through the noise, you need to
establish authority and a pattern-breaking approach.

When You Work with Ikoni Digital,
Cold Outbound is Fun

Are you tired of doing cold outreach without seeing any results? Copy-pasting templates and hoping the best doesn’t generate you cash. It’s time to differentiate yourself and fill the pipeline.

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Antifragile Cold Outbound

Never worry about setting up domains or sending users. We'll build an infrastructure that can handle the volume required with strong deliverability

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Perfect Your Offer & Market Positioning

We'll build you an offer that your market is craving for and help you position your business as an authority

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Craft Lead Magnets & Sales Assets That Converts Into Cash

We'll build lead magnets and sales assets that help you differentiate yourself from the competition and showcase your expertise

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Generate Intrest from Your Dream Prospects

By leveraging sales assets and using a pattern-breaking outreach approach, we are more likely to break through the noise

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Schedule 10-20 Qualified Sales Meetings Every Single Month

With enough inputs, we'll consistently fill your calendar with qualified buyers who are interested in your services

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Convert Cold Prospects Predictably Into Paying Clients

Optimize your sales process to improve your closing rate and get the most amount of your leads

The Truth Is That We Turn Down 70% of
Prospects Who Engage With Us

You need to have a proven service and client results
in order to work with us. 
Here's who we can help:

Agencies, online service providers, and B2B SaaS companies that are doing above $30k MRR and have a minimum deal size of $3k
Businesses that already have a proven offer and sales process. We can't save your business but we'll add more fuel to fire
Businesses that have case studies and client results. If you're just starting out and have no case studies our service is not the fit for you

We Will Help

Businesses that are doing less than $30k per month or have a deal size less than $3k
Businesses that have experience signing clients only from referrals. You must have some experience getting clients from cold outbound
Business owners and entrepreneurs who micromanage, don't listen to feedback and are not open to suggestions or improvements for their sales process

We Won't Help

Sound Like a Fit?

Let's start by having a 15-minute Zoom call

Our Clients Get Meetings With

Simple Process to
Pack Your Calendar
with Interested Prospects

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1. Onboarding

This is where our partnership starts. We’ll have an initial call to get access to anything we need, learn more about your offer & ideal client profile, and add you to our Slack channel.

Our process helps you outsource the time
consuming part of client acquisition to keep you
focused on closing and high-leverage activities

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2. Building Outbound Infrastructure

In the first 2-weeks, we need to warm up domains and sending users for cold email. We’ll also add all the tech, automations, and workflows during this period.

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3. Offer & Sales Asset Creation

Since warming up the domain takes 2-weeks, we want to take advantage of this time. We’ll build your offer and sales assets to be ready for outbound.

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4. List Building

This also happens during the 2-week warm-up period. We’ll build a targeted list of your ideal prospects and leverage AI for personalization.

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5. Script Writing

We’ll write a pattern-breaking outbound sequence to break through the noise and generate interest from your market.

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6. Launch

Before launching your outbound campaign, we’ll have a script review call so that you can review everything. Once approved, we’ll start booking meetings into your calendar.

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7. Optimization & Scaling

We are usually able to book meetings from the get-go. However, it will take a few weeks to ramp up the volume and nail down the messaging for maximum conversions.

4 Reasons Our Clients
Love Working With Us

No fixed monthly retainers. Only 
pay for qualified booked calls.

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Pay Per Result

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Simple &

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Honest &

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Don't Just Take
Our Word

Learn what others say about us

"What they do is very different from what everybody else in the market does"

Booking meetings was a big issue that was the reason why we couldn’t really scale. When we started working with Ikoni Digital, it was a huge change right from the beginning. The reason, why I picked Niko and Ikoni Digital was because it was super easy to get started, I didn’t have to pay an insane setup fee or any hidden fees, and he genuinely provided a ton of value upfront before we even discussed working together.

TSA - Michael.png

“They really became a member of our team. Not just another lead gen agency playing the quantitive game"

I got to tell you. Their email skills work. The amount of intrigue that gets people waning to connect with us has been through the roof. It always blew me out of the water how they do what they do. If you’re on the fence and need help with lead gen, absolutely take a call with Niko.

TSA - Michael (1).png

Karl Sona

Streamlined Media

Michael Rosetti

The Social Adz

"You are a killer Niko. Thank you so much for today"

I mean, I really don’t know what to say because of how much I’ve learned and what I need to unpack. Because obviously, this is not those high-level things where I sit with you and I ask very general questions. This was more like a saving my life kinda thing instead of just having one problem.

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Oliver Burt

Oliver Outbound &

Looking For More Proof & Results?

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52 Sales Calls Booked in 90 Days for an eCommerce Marketing Agency


54 Sales Calls Booked in 60 Days for a Podcast
Production Agency


32 Sales Calls Booked in 60 Days for a SEO Agency


12 Sales Calls Booked in 30 Days for a Procurement SaaS Company 


33 Sales Calls Booked in 60 Days for a Paid Advertising Marketing Agency


20 Sales Calls Booked in 60 Days for an eCommerce Marketing Agency


64 Sales Calls Booked in 90 Days for a Podcast
Production Agency


16 Sales Calls Booked in 60 Days for an Offline Marketing


16 Sales Calls Booked in 30 Days for a Content Creation Agency

Trusted by 25+ B2B companies

Ready to Fill Your Calendar
Consistently with
Qualified Calls?

Book a call to see if you qualify and are a good fit for our service

Common Question to Us

Here are answers to a few popular questions we often get

What's your pricing?

We don't have a monthly retainer. You pay only for qualified booked calls of those who show up for the meeting. The price per booking depends on what type of companies you want to target.

How do you determine what is a qualified lead?

The way we determine this is that it needs to be a prospect who is interested in learning more about your services and fits your ideal client profile. So basically a MQL. (Marketing Qualified Lead)

What is needed from our end?

In the onboarding phase, we need information regarding your ICP, access to meeting scheduling software, and some help creating sales assets. After this, the only thing you need to do is take sales calls and report no-shows.

How fast can we expect results?

Warming up the domains and cold email users takes two weeks. We are usually able to book first meetings right from the get-go, but it takes 3-5 weeks to ramp up the volume fully and run some tests to maximize results.

How the billing works?

At the beginning of each month, we'll send you an overview of last month's bookings. Once you have approved, we'll send invoice.

We've tried outbound in the past and it didn't work

The common reasons we see are poor deliverability, not enough volume, and wrong approach + positioning. If you get all those areas right, it's really difficult not to book at least 10 sales calls per month.

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