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Paid Advertising
Agency Case Study

Discover how we helped a paid advertising agency Trigger Digital build a full pipeline and sign a new client in the first two weeks working together 

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From struggling cold outbound to booking meetings consistently

Trigger Digital is a paid advertising agency that was looking for help to scale their cold outbound and book more meetings with their ideal prospects. Previously, they had done outbound mainly internally but didn't see results they wanted

Service: Paid advertising
Targeting: North America
Ideal Client Profile: Local biz & eCommerce brands min. $30k/mo

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Before working with us they were struggling to book high-quality meetings consistently. They had a basic cold email system in place which brought some meetings on a monthly basis but it wasn't enough to build a predictable and full pipeline. 

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We first built a cold email system that sends about 1500 emails per day. Trigger Digital had a lot of great case studies in different industries. We collected the best ones and launched a dedicated campaign for each to keep the messaging as relevant as possible. We saw great results doing this and booked 33 sales calls in the first 60 days. This led to 3 new clients.

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3 New Clients Signed
33 Sales Calls Booked
60 Day Timeframe

Client Reviews

Take a look at what our customers say about us

Michael Rosetti

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Booking meetings was a big issue that was the reason why we couldn’t really scale. When we started working with Ikoni Digital, it was a huge change right from the beginning. The reason, why I picked Niko and Ikoni Digital was because it was super easy to get started, I didn’t have to pay an insane setup fee or any hidden fees, and he genuinely provided a ton of value upfront before we even discussed working together.

We have quite a bit of an experience doing lead gen for our company internally as well as hiring quite a few other lead gen agencies in the past. We were looking for a pay-per-lead working relationship and they have consistently provided high-quality leads to us. They have outperformed all our other lead gen agencies and our internal team. 

Ben Yost

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Molly Ruland

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The leads have been so excellent that it has now definitely become part of our business development arsenal of tools and I can’t recommend them enough. So, if you have been thinking of working with Ikoni Digital and your business would benefit from having more leads then I don’t think there is a better team for you to work with.

I got to tell you. Their email skills work. The amount of intrigue that gets people waning to connect with us has been through the roof. It always blew me out of the water how they do what they do. They really became a member of our team. Not just another lead gen agency playing the quantitive game. If you’re on the fence and need help with lead gen, absolutely take a call with Niko.

Karl Sona

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