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Why Driving B2B
Business Owners
Trust Us

"Every single lead they have delivered to us has been solid.

The impact they have had on my business has been tremendous. I have already recommended them to three of my colleagues."

Molly Ruland
Founder of Heartcast Media

"When we started working together, we saw an immediate spike in meetings. I think we got around 15 calls in the first month or so alone.

What they do is very different from what everybody else in the market does."

Michael Rosetti
Co-Founder of The Social Adz

“After the initial setup period, they really deliver what they said they would. They have proved to be definitely a capable lead gen agency and have consistently delivered high-quality leads to us on a regular basis. 

Outperforms our other lead gen agencies. Outperforms our internal sales team. We also hired Niko to consult our own outbound & sales process and it’s been a great success.”

Ben Yost
Founder & COO of

"We were lucky to find Niko. I was really happy to work with him. Very collaborative, and I like the pricing structure. They took time to understand our business and who we are targeting.

They did a great job of delivering results. We were able to capture customers from their leads and also, at our stage of a company, we are able to get these meetings without a huge ramp-up period. They definitely know what they’re doing."

Matt D'Souza
Sales Leader at Quolum

We now have a lot of sales assets and offers we’ve been testing. That has worked well to generate leads and calls to our calendar. We have managed to sign new clients and have some ongoing deals so definitely recommend working with Niko & Ikoni Digital.

It’s really straightforward, they provide a lot of value and of course, it’s pay-per-performance. So you’ll benefit from seeing qualified calls booked into your calendar.

Nick Izevbigie
Founder of Sunrize Commerce

"You are a killer Niko. Thank you so much for today.

I mean, I really don’t know what to say because of how much I’ve learned and what I need to unpack. Because obviously, this is not those high-level things where I sit with you and I ask very general questions. This was more like a saving my life kinda thing instead of just having one problem."

Oliver Burt
CEO of Oliver Outbound & Response.AI

“They really became a member of our team. Not just another lead gen agency playing the quantitive game.

I got to tell you. Their email skills work. The amount of intrigue that gets people waning to connect with us has been through the roof. It always blew me out of the water how they do what they do. If you’re on the fence and need help with lead gen, absolutely take a call with Niko."

Karl Sona
Co-Founder of Streamlined Media

"I had the pleasure of having some coaching with Niko. It has turned my business upside down. He has taught me so much and shown me the ins and outs of cold email.

So if you’re out there contemplating and looking for great service, I can’t highly recommend Niko. Go do it! You’ll be very happy afterward."

Julius Kazlauskas
Founder of Lead Avenue

"I do recommend Niko and Ikoni Digital to anybody that is looking for B2B leads. They’re consistent, speak to me on a regular basis, and are able to make quick changes. 

Overall, I really like working with them and highly recommend their services to anybody out there."

Jaime Paredes
Founder of Entergage Videos

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